Our Philosophy

Economics as an impressive "pseudo-science" discipline has had its credibility wrecked in the recent years by failing to thwart the "great global crisis" that wreaked havoc in 2008 on the markets and the real economy worldwide. So our philosophy is not committed to any school of thought that is widespread in the ivory-tower world of academic macroeconomics - Classical, Keynesian, neo-Classical, Real Business Cycle, Supply-side or neo-Keynesian. Rather our approach is based on a pragmatic multi-disciplinary paradigm that integrates quantitative methods, economics, political science, international affairs and psychology to better facilitate the identification and assessment of the forward-looking trends in the environment that drive inflation, unemployment, interest rates, exchange rates and other macro-economic variables in the global economy. We concentrate on economic questions relevant to decision-makers in the real-economy and in financial markets. In answering them through our pragmatic and novel inter-disciplinary framework, we provide fodder for fund managers, boutique investment advisors, CFOs, CEOs, institutional investors and high net-worth individual investors in the form of asset allocation strategies, and global investment strategies, to kindle their thought process to formulate well-informed investment decisions. But by no stretch of imagination are we investment advisers providing investment advice and tips.